Feeling for Healing, Intuitive Patti Ortyl
Wisdom & Intuition Network Monthly Program

No programs this summer due to travel schedule.

The next program will be September 1st at noon eastern.


First Tuesday of every month @ Noon Eastern

Come join in the fun, share stories and connect with fellow Lightworkers as Patti shares her intuitive skills one on one in order to help those who seek balance and joy in their life.

Each show will include:

  • A group guided "message" of the month
  • A unique topic of the month
  • A suggested book of the month
  • Questions and comments from participants
  • Mini-Intuitive readings for callers



Phone Number To Call Into All Shows:
Pin#:  730078#

Patti Ortyl's intuitive gifts are gentle and yet profound. As a teacher, she guides students in a safe and empowering way, allowing each to unfold in their own beautiful way. Patti is a gift to all who experience her connection to the divine.  ~Denise Iwaniw, author and co-creator of Star Nations Radio Network

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